Matt’s Energy Balance Graph from Taylor Data

December 23rd, 2007 andrea Posted in news | Comments Off on Matt’s Energy Balance Graph from Taylor Data

This is a very compelling graphic that Matt Hoffman created by running the surface energy balance model using data from the Taylor Glacier met station. Imagine you are looking at a 5 meters deep cross section of the glacier over time. Notice how the lower parts of the glacier take longer to warm and cool, indicated by the way the color blobs in the lower image angle to the right.

Matt says:
“The energy balance model is still in development so I would consider this to be representative. The upper panel shows measured air temperature and modeled surface temperature over the course of a year from midwinter through summer and back to midwinter. The bottom panel shows ice temperature in the top 5 meters for the same time period, with the colors representing temperature in degrees Celsius. The first stripe above the main block is surface temperature again, and the stripe above that is air temperature again. Grey markings indicated temperature above 0 degrees C. The black lines indicate contours of partial melt in intervals of 2.5%. The large yellow/orange curved body in the center represents the heat absorbed in summer slowly conducting deeper into the glacier long after the warm days are over. The winter periods are characterized by cold temperatures punctuated by brief warm events that interrupt the dark blue pattern.”

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