NPR/Studio 360 interview airs nationally this Sunday

April 19th, 2008 admin

Trey Kay talks with Andrea Polli about sonification and weather, and also interviews fellow eco-artist Brandon Ballengee in an episode called “Creative Minds Go Green”

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Storm Peak Air with NCAR’s Dr. Christine Wiedinmyer

April 15th, 2008 admin

storm peak lab Christine Wiedinmyer
Yesterday I took an amazing trip out to Storm Peak lab with Dr. Christine Wiedinmyer, the only mountaintop air monitoring and research lab in North America. Christine and two CU graduate students were completing a short term study of particulates in the upper troposphere, with special instruments that allow very sensitive detection in order to study various organic, inorganic, natural and anthropogenic compounds, some coming from as far as Asia. In addition to interviewing Christine, Kelly and Eszter on video, I had the opportunity to talk to our DRI (Desert Research Institute) hosts, Gannet Hallar Ian McCubbin.

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Ground Truth Met Station Screen Preview

April 13th, 2008 admin

Here is a preview of the met station screen design, showing Hassan on Taylor Glacier, with an overlay of live data from the met station. Temperature, heat index, thw (a combination of several variables), wind chill, barometer and humidity are represented by color bars on the right of the screen, wind speed is represented by the height of the wave created by the animation of lines. Oh, and the text is from Richard Byrd’s Antarctic diary published in 1938, called ‘Alone.’

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Installation and Screening at ATLAS, CU Boulder April 29th and 30th

April 10th, 2008 admin


ATLAS presents work-in-progress by Andrea Polli based on her 2007/2008 National Science Foundation Artist’s Residency in Antarctica with special guests Dr. John Cassano and Sha Sha Feng

Weather Station Installation
Tuesday, April 29th, 12-6PM ATLAS Center Northeast Patio

ATLAS Speaker Series and Film Screening
Wednesday, April 30th, 6PM Cofrin Auditorium/ATLAS 100
with reception in the ATLAS lobby

The film Ground Truth follows weather and climate observation at the South Pole, McMurdo Station and field sites in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica and asks why people go to remote, uncomfortable and often hazardous locations, doing what is known as ‘ground truthing.’

Directed by Andrea Polli
Videography and sound by Andrea Polli and Tia Kramer
Editing and graphics by Brandon Lied and Greg O’Brien
Transcripts and graphics by Klew Williams
Starring Hassan Basagic and Dr. Andrew Fountain of the LTER, Dr. John Cassano of The University of Colorado, Boulder, and many others

90degreessouth is an online interactive mapping project using rich media in Google Earth, YouTube and Flickr to present interviews, sound, video and other media related to Antarctic weather and climate. The project aims to communicate both the aesthetic beauty and the scientific importance of Antarctica to the global environment.

Created by Andrea Polli and Sha Sha Feng

Projects supported by The National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, The University of Colorado, Boulder Center for Humanities and the Arts, Department of Art and Art History, ATLAS Institute, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, and the PSC-CUNY Research Foundation

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Frank Halbig’s Antarktika

April 9th, 2008 admin

Frank Halbig
About a week ago, I visited Frank Halbig at his office at the SWR Hörspiel (radio play) department in Baden-Baden Germany. Frank has created a moving sonic interpretation of data extracted by EPICA, the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica, covering 742 millennia of climatic history. The work is called »ANTARKTIKA«, a climatic time-travel concert for string quartet, live electronics and video with the Helios String Quartet. I talked to Frank about his work (unfortunately didn’t record any of our conversations, but perhaps I can convince him to do a skype interview in the future), and was struck by his poetic use of the string quartet, the dominant mode of music production in Europe at the time of the first Antarctic explorations, to express the history of climate. I found it to be a very poignant idea and resulting work.

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