Anne Dalvera’s tour of Pressure Ridge

December 15th, 2007 andrea Posted in news, sounds | Comments Off on Anne Dalvera’s tour of Pressure Ridge

Anne Dalvera
Today I went on a lovely tour of Pressure Ridge, an area just outside Scott Base where the ice shelf meets the sea ice and creates giant natural ice sculptures where often seals can be found. The tour was led by Anne Dalvera, an amazing field guide who was one of a group of four women who were the first women ever to ski to the South Pole. She cross-country skied over 600 miles over several weeks in the bitter cold.

It was a beautiful clear and quiet day, even more quiet on the ice. We found a group of about ten Weddell seals sunbathing. This recording presents some excepts of our trip, I think it really expresses the stillness of the day. Extremely quiet and at about 15 minutes, this one is only for the most dedicated and patient listeners – seriously.

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